Welcome to our website! The Clarksville Artist Guild is a group of diverse, dedicated artists and artisans who reside and work in the picturesque Missouri town of Clarksville. Our guild is made up of painters, glassblowers, furniture makers, photographers, basket weavers, potters, jewelers, toy makers and more. We chose to work and live in Clarksville for the uniqueness and beauty of the area and to be part of a community of fellow working artists.

Downtown Clarksville is located right on the banks of the Mississippi River and we are surrounded by rolling green hills and beautiful, historic buildings. With so much inspiration around, it’s no wonder so many of us chose to set up “shop” here! We encourage anyone reading this to make the trek to Clarksville for a day or weekend and visit us in our shops. We are often busy creating our next piece of art, but never too busy to chat and welcome our visitors!

We hope you will learn more about our working artist community through these pages and that it will be helpful while you are planning your next visit.



3 responses

  1. Is there a weaving group in Clarksville? I live ion Silex and am looking for weavers near me so I can refresh my weaving skills from 1970. I have a rigid heddle loom, would like to get a larger one but before I invest in it, need to re learn my weaving skills. I am 76, just had heart surgery so am not up to driving any distance for a while.

    • Hi Dorlis,
      We do not have a weaving group here that I know of. Simpatico which is an art gallery co-op has a weaver who shows her work. She lives in Kansas City and used to visit Clarksville but is no longer able to come. Thanks for contacting us. We hope you find a weaving group to join that is close to where you live.

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