Eagle Viewing Season and Eagle Days Weekend

Photo montage by Kevin Massiglia

Clarksville is one of the prime wintering spots for bald eagles to visit as they migrate through the Mississippi flyway in the winter. Because we are right on the river below Lock and Dam #24 we usually have open water and that makes for better fishing for bald eagles. They can come as early as December and stay until the end of February but it all depends on how cold things gets. Eagles are more prevalent when it is very cold and they like to soar on the thermals on sunny days. They can be seen fishing and feeding in the early morning and before the sun goes down. Seeing these majestic birds up close is a rare treat that is not to be missed.

The last full weekend of January is our Eagle Days Weekend event. The Missouri Department of Conservation along with the World Bird Sanctuary put together a great event that is fun and educational for the whole family. There are usually viewing stations and live eagle demonstrations. Check out what is happening in Riverfront Park and at the Apple Shed and then come inside and warm up in our studios and galleries.

There is plenty to see and do in Clarksville even in the Winter!


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