Great River Road Pottery and Wood Shop

 The gallery and workshop are located on First Street
across from the Riverfront Park and the Mississippi River
in the Historic Business District of Clarksville.

Bird House by Erin Garrison

 107 S. First Street     *     (573)  242-3000

         Open Saturday 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM and Sunday 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM
          Entrance to the shop at times will now be through Simpatico an Art Gallery Co-op
     If you would like to visit the shop on a weekday  when we are not in, please call  (573) 242-9676
Erin and Bud Garrison established The Great River Road Pottery and Wood Shop ten years ago when they chose to become part of the Clarksville artists’ community. They specialize in functional stoneware and painted cottage furniture.   Erin uses antique textile blocks for the designs on her one-of-a-kind pieces of pottery.  Bud collaborates with his customers on their design ideas to build custom-made furniture.   They also feature wooden bowls crafted by artist Ernest Hildebrand.
You’ll usually find one or both of them in the middle of a project covered in                         clay or sawdust and they’re always
happy to chat with customers and answer questions about their work.

                            They invite you to visit their gallery and spend a day exploring                               the other galleries and antique shops.


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